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Eyelashes? More like why-lashes. A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology wanted to understand the function eyelashes serve in

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The mysterious function of eyelashes has been revealed at last -- thanks to science. After measuring the dimensions of nearly two dozen mammal eyes

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Big set of eyelashes: few collections for Sims 3, Sintiklia's creations, Big set of eyelashes: few collections for Sims 3

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Floral Deco Mesh - Huge selection of floral mesh wrap in various of sizes and more than 50 colors. Best used to wrap flowers, these elegant deco mesh

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Read How To: False Eyelashes I'm a huge fan of false eyelashes for special occasions. They add just a bit of drama and I always find myself exuding a

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Eyelashes. Sometimes it's fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes. Whether you apply a few singles to create a subtle change,or full lashes for optimal
Created for: The Sims 3. Hey everyone! This is our 2nd eyelash set introduced to Sims 3. Hope you like it, leave your comments!
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8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MDLoss of eyelashes may occur with several conditions, including a variety of skin diseases, drug side effects, endocrine disorders, metabolic abnormalities